Top 7 Tips Which Will Help You Save That Expensive Hair Color For Long

Well, you are out of the salon, and just in love with your new hair color, and why not it makes you look stunning. However, have you wondered how it will look after a few weeks, or say after some a dozen of shampooing? Unfortunately, the answer is awful.

Nevertheless, your hair doesn’t have to be like that. Here we have listed the top 7 expert tips to help you keep your hair color intact for months. So, read on and take the fate of your hair color in your own hands.

7 Tips that will help preserve hair color for months

  1. Multitask during a gym session

The more you keep your hair moisturized, the better it will hold color. For this, we recommend you oil your hair before a gym session. The heat which you will generate from a hardcore workout will help in locking the moisture.

  1. Use apple cider vinegar (ACV)

With your regular shampoo and conditioner, introduce the goodness of apple cider vinegar to your hair. Once a month, mix one part of ACV and three parts of water, and use it to rinse your hair strands. This will freshen up your color and boost the hair shine. In fact, many report that it is the best treatment for hair.

  1. Avoid very hot baths

Yes, it definitely feels good, but it is very harsh on your skin and hair. In fact, very hot water can simply wash away the dye. So, just use warm to cold water for your hair bath.

  1. Add a hat to your attire

It is very important to protect your freshly colored hair from harmful UV rays. However, instead of staying indoors, we recommend you use hats or scarfs to cover your hair. After all, you won’t like if your hair color gets lighten just like your patio furniture does in summers.

  1. Apply some sunscreen

That’s right, we actually recommend you to apply some sunscreen on your hair. Well, there are hair conditioning products that come with built-in UV protection. They will provide protection against heat and keep your hair smooth for long.

  1. Avoid shampoo

Every professional colorist will agree that shampooing frequently is more harmful compared to anything else. So, invest in a good quality dry shampoo and try to skip shampooing as much as you can.

  1. Please don’t DIY.

No wonder, it is very tempting to go to a drug store and get a touch-up kit, but we strongly recommend – don’t. these products are no way going to save your existing color, and in fact can completely ruin your look.

Well, you have spent a lot on that perfect color, and so don’t just wash it all down the drain. Take good care and necessary measures to keep that color exactly where it belongs.