Reduce Face Fat with these Easy Yoga Poses

Yoga has been known to reduce weight, burn additional fat, and give you a glowing look. However, it is common for people to notice face fat even after losing the extra kilos, majorly because of the lost skin. You may have a disappearing jawline, apple cheeks, or double chin even after weight loss. So now you can leave your worries aside because this article will provide you with the knowledge of easy face yoga poses. By teaching these in your daily routine, you will get rid of the extra fat and welcome that chiselled jawline. So, without waiting further, let us get right into it.

  1. Bhujangasana or Cobra Pose

Lie down on your stomach with toes pointed inwards. Place your palms on the floor and keep your elbows close to the chest. As you inhale, lift your chest and look up. Not only will you feel a stretch in your lower back but also your throat. The neck muscles are toned by the regular practice of this face yoga asana.

  1. Rolling the Neck

You can perform this anytime, including the warm-up session. Keep your spine straight, and do not move your shoulders. Now roll your neck 360 degrees to loosen the muscles of the upper back, shoulders, and neck. The additional fat in your neck region will get toned through this asana. You can repeat the circular rotation both clockwise and anti-clockwise to keep track of your rotations.

  1. Fish Face

As the name suggests, you are required to make a facial expression similar to that of a fish. To do this:

  1. Squeeze your face by pulling your lips and cheeks in.
  2. While pouting, try smiling to feel a strain in your jaw and cheeks.
  3. Try holding the pose for about 20 seconds and repeat the exact 10 times a day. This face yoga pose will help tone your facial muscles.
  1. Chin Up and Down

With your back straight and shoulders rolled back, lift your head and look at the ceiling. Next, tightly press your lips to feel a stretch in your throat. After holding it for about 10 seconds, get back to the normal position and relax. You may repeat the face yoga pose ten times every day to get a sharp jawline.

  1. Ushtrasana or Camel Pose

This face yoga pose is also beneficial for the strengthening of the back. To do ushtrasana, kneel without resting your hips on the heels. Now keep your hands on the hips and inhale as you bend backwards. Next, try bending your tailbone towards the front to bend. Next, gradually slide your palms to hold the ankles and ensure your arms are straight. After staying in the pose for a few seconds, slowly place your palms on the hips and return to the initial position. This pose will help you get rid of that double chin.