Real Men’s Guide On How To Rock Beard Fashion

Men are more conscious of how they look these days. Although beards can sometimes be messy and annoying, men have the option to grow them into full-size beards. However, a neatly trimmed beard will give it an extra edge. These are some tips to help you style your beard as a man would.

What’s Beard Fashion?

A messy beard is a disconcerting sight. Many men are keen to try this new trend for grooming. The beard fashion is an innovative way to shape facial hair. There are many ways to cut your hair. Why not style it with your beard too? Barbershops are a good place to start if you don’t feel confident styling your own beard. However, even barbers can offer their personal opinions on what the client wants after the haircut. It all depends on the length and style of the hair.

How do you want your hair trimmed? First, determine the shape of your face. Is your face square, rectangular, rectangular, or round? Consider which cut is best for you.

1. Square Shape Faces

Men with square faces should have a mixture of a shorter beard on the sides to highlight the cheekbones and a longer beard close to the chin to highlight their square jawline. The following styles of the beard are compatible with each other:

* Circle Beard

The name suggests that the hair near the cheekbones runs down to the chin, where most of the hair is present. To ensure neatly trimmed beards, the edge near the cheekbones could have a precise edge.

* Royale Beard

A well-trimmed mustache can make you feel like a royal, as it is worn by many royal men in movies. You can curl your beard in any way you like. You can also leave a little hair in the middle of your lower lip, which will expand as it descends to the chin.

* Goatee

Are goats humanely shaped? Yes!

* Petite Hairstyle

It is very similar to the goatee bearded style, except that the coverage of the hair under the chin is significantly less. The sides are convex with the lower edge reaching to the lower chin.

2. Round Shape Faces

You can play with angles by using your hair. Parting your hair can be done by keeping it full on the chin. These beard styles are best for round faces.

* Van Dyke Beard

The hair is arranged around the mouth, except that the mustache and beard detach from each other. The hair in the chin has a straight edge running from the sides of the lips to the lowest point of the chin.

* Short Boxed Beard

A neatly shaped beard with minimal hair may conceal a round-faced man.

* Balbo Beard

The mustache is left floating on the lips. The jawline from the chin to the jawline is full of hair.

* Anchor Beard

The Anchor beard style is similar to the Balbo beard. Anchor beard is a bit like Balbo, except that the hair follows the jawline more precisely than Balbo.

3. Oval Shape Faces

This shape is the most versatile and allows you to apply any style of beard that you like. If you have this face shape, you can use almost any beard style. We’ve put together a list of popular beard styles that will suit this face shape.

* Chevron

The facial hair extends beyond the upper lip, leaving only the bottom area.

* 3-Day Stubble Beard

This short-trimmed beard will look as if it has just been trimmed for three days. It will also look very neat, even if there is some hair covering the lower cheeks.

* Horseshoe Mustache

The mustache is as it is, except that it ends at the end. This vertical line should be trimmed and no hair left in the middle of your chin.

* Original Stache

A mustache is enough to create an original look. This must be kept neatly trimmed.

4. Rectangle Shape Face

This shape is strong when the hair is kept long at the sides. Keep the hair’s concentration at the bottom. These are the top beard styles that suit this particular face shape.

* Mutton Chops Beard

This is very similar to the horseshoe mustache. The only difference is that the hair ends at the jawline. It starts from the vertically-shaped hair on the sides of your lips.

* Gunslinger Beard and Mustache

This well-trimmed beard shows off a horseshoe mustache and flared sideburns that look ready to kill.

* Chin Strip

A simple chin hair can indicate a bad-boy appearance. To emphasize the neatness of this look, the edges must be again well-defined.

* Chin Strap Style Beard

This is how it looks. The hair spreads from the chin down to the jawlines. No mustache. No chin strip.

Tips for Trimming a Beard in the Right Way

After naming a few men’s hairstyles, you will need to decide whether you would rather have the experience of creating your hair yourself or hire a barber. These are some tips to help you create a beautiful beard.

Use a trusted shampoo to clean your hair. To soften hair and make shaping your beard easier, follow this with a conditioner.

Your beard can be combed in the same way as your hair. This is to comb your hair and identify long strands that are not normal length. A gentle brush is best for a beard. Start shaping your beard according to the style you prefer.

Some hairs are too stubborn to be clipped, so the scissors will be used to trim long hairs that cover the upper lip. This should only be used if you are confident that your hands will remain steady. You can also use mustache scissors to make it easier.

This is because the beard will be visible at the neck. Trimming hair above the Adam’s apple is a good idea. You can also decide whether to let the beard grow out or leave it with a sharp edge. To achieve the faded look you desire, you can use different settings on your clippers to create the desired effect. If you prefer the latter, trim the edge of your beard while you are shaving your hair. Apply some beard oil to the area and comb it with a beard brush. You can also trim any hairs that were leftover from trimming and give your beard a tidy finish.

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