Is it a Good Idea to Combine Coolsculpting and Ultherapy?


This helps in eliminating unwanted fat from various body parts like hips, thighs, abdomen and upper back as well as a double chin too. During the treatment, a Coolsculpting applicator is applied on the areas to be treated. Then this applicator chills the area for around 45 minutes. The cold temperatures eliminate the unwanted fat cells. Once these fat cells have been destroyed, then they are gone. After a few weeks and months, the body begins to metabolize and flush the damaged fat cells out. Generally, the ultimate results appear in about 16 weeks. On the basis of the body type and metabolisms, many people may be able to see the results sooner. Many people may also need extra coolsculpting treatments for getting optimal results.

How ultherapy works?

Coolsculpting and ultherapy are both non surgical treatments. While the former makes the use of cold for targeting the extra fat, the latter makes the use of ultrasound energy for stimulating the production of collagen in the lower layer of the skin. Ulthera is approved by the FDA for tightening your skin in the chin and neck area as well as the eyebrows. It is also approved for smoothing the wrinkles out on the upper chest. When it comes to time taken for the process, the chest takes 30 minutes for treating and for neck and chin areas may take around an hour or sometimes an hour and half. It usually takes around 3 months before the patients can see the ultimate results. Many people may notice the changes sooner too, sometimes.

Can they be used together?

While Coolsculpting may eliminate the extra fat but it will not stop the loosing of the skin once the fat is gone. This is where ultherapy comes to the rescue which helps in tightening and smoothening the areas of sagging skin. Neck and chin areas are the only body parts that benefit the most from this combination. Coolsculpting can be done to remove the unwanted fat under the skin, then ultherapy can be used to reduce the appearance of the turkey neck.

Timing both the sessions

When it comes to timing the schedule, coolsculpting must go first. Then the excess fat will be gone once ultherapy treatment begins then you may have a better idea on how much loose or sagging skin is left. As it takes time for the final results of coolsculpting to show up, you can consider spacing your treatment a few months apart. On the basis of fat you have, you can also go for two coolsculpting sessions before trying ultherapy.