How Long Does the Thermage Treatment Last For?

The most asked question is does the thermage treatment actually work? Other than that, there is one more question that is being asked by many, who are looking forward to get a skin tightening treatment done. The question is how long will the result last?

With a huge range of treatments available by cosmetic surgeons starting from injections, to lasers, to peels, it can be hard to maintain all the numbers. If you are planning for a non-invasive skin tightening treatment for first time, you would want to find out if the Thermage treatment is worth investing in or not.

The ones who are good candidates for the treatment will feel that the entire process of thermage would be worth their time and the price will be worth paying for. Coming back to the question how long will the thermage last? You can’t have a 100 percent surety about the time span will last for, but you will be provided with general guide lines.

Many people do even try to get Thermage  [English Meaning = thermage eye] treatments. If you are considering getting the same then get in contact with the professional team at Retens. They have been in the business for a long time and are growing popular for their service.

Thermage treatments deliver radiofrequency energy pulses on the skin. The pulses are alternated by cooling so that the skin surface does not get damaged and the deeper tissues only get affected. The collagen within the skin is heated by the pulses to change the structure and trigger the development of new collagen.

The strands of collagen right away start to shorten and thicken. This happens as the process of heating breaks the hydrogen bonds down. The fibers of collagen get tightened, which leads to a visible difference in the skin in the first few weeks of the treatment. As time passes by, the growth of new collagen starts.

New collagen is produced by the skin that boosts tightening and gives best result in the long term. The results continue to take place for the next six months after the treatment. For a few patients, the result lasts for two years. The results can vary from person to person as every person has a different cycle of aging.

The aging process does not stop by this treatment, but it slows the aging down for a short period. Many patients get the second treatment done between 1 and a half to 2 years as they want to prolong the results. To determine how long the results last lifestyle and genetics play a crucial role.

It is very important to confirm if you are a good candidate for Thermage FLX. It offers natural results that can be noticed easily but for the type of skin that is loose. If you are into getting a drastic tightening for the skin then thermage may not be the treatment you need.

If this is what your skin goals look like get yourself scheduled for a consultation now.