How Can I Lift My Face Naturally at Home?

Facelift has been a part of the esthetic industry for a long time. Many people undergo surgical treatments to lift their faces because the results are worth it. There are many beliefs and myths about how facelifts work and what they entail.

Some people believe that a painful or invasive procedure is unavoidable, before achieving a high-quality, lasting facelift- well, that’s not true! You could use a facelift device at home, or embrace a facelift diet- it’s not as complicated as you think. This article will explore different natural facelift options.

Natural Facelift Options

Since many factors contribute to sagging skin, there are different ways to combat it too! While some estheticians recommend face-lifting devices and massage, others suggest diets and masks.

Here are the top proven methods of lifting the face naturally at home:

●      Chin lifting

Your chin is one of the most prominent parts of your face- it is also one of the first areas to sag. Especially if you have fuller cheeks, your chin tends to get saggy as you age.

When your chin is lifted, your face looks significantly slimmer and slenderer. Lifting your chin is a gradual but effective process that gives you a natural facelift in the comfort of your home.

The simple processes to ‘workout’ your chin include:

  • Massage the area where your chin muscles meet your neck muscles gently.
  • Two times daily, practice six to eight sets of lifting your chin and bowing it down.

Regardless of the process you decide to go with, the results are the same.

●      Facelift diet

You can slow down face sagging by adjusting your diet. These adjustments include eating fresh fruits on an empty stomach, reducing junk food to the barest minimum, drinking more water, and avoiding oily fish and fried foods.

However, if you have a health condition that contradicts any aspect of this diet, we recommend talking to your doctor first.

●      Facelift devices

Facelift devices help you tighten your face by working out the muscles effectively. When you apply a device for a facelift over an area of your face, it tightens your facial muscles and skin.

Devices like BLAST give you an improved facial contour and visibly firmer skin.

●      Facelift masks

Facelift masks help you get a natural facelift by giving your skin nutrients and enhancing blood circulation. When you use a facelift mask, it tones your sub-dermal muscles, making them more active.

Facelift masks also reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, significantly lifting the skin.

The types of masks that can help you tighten your face include:

  1. Banana skin mask
  2. Honey and blueberry mask
  3. Cucumber and egg white mask
  4. Cabbage and honey mask

All you must do is apply a thick layer of these masks to your face. After about 10 minutes, rinse off with warm water and moisturize your face.

However, if you have a allergies, we recommend talking to your doctor first.


While all these methods can help you achieve a facelift at home, investing in a facelift device will help maintain consistency in your treatments. To get high-quality devices for a facelift, visit our store today!