Do’s and Don’ts after your breast surgery in Singapore

Breast augmentation has become a “normal” and popular procedure in the field of plastic surgery during the recent years. It seems that women have become more liberated in choosing to love themselves that some have taken the bolder path of altering their appearances to keep them looking younger and attractive. If this is what makes you happy and have the means to do it, why not? Allure Plastic Surgery can help you with that!

Breast surgery is a major operation and the results will not only have an impact on your physical appearance, but it can also affect your psychological well-being. Some women undergo this procedure to boost their self-esteem. Whatever your reason is, it is important that your take your time to learn about the procedure, so you can be prepared and have a proper set of expectations for what is to come. This article lists down what you should know about post breast surgery dos and don’ts.

Important things to DO post breast surgery

The stage of recovery following any surgical procedure is crucial. You need to ensure that your body is able to heal well. Below are some recommendations on what you can do to help your body during this time of healing.

ü DO: Take a lot of time to rest.

As mentioned, breast surgery is a major procedure. You need to help your body recover its strength by simply skipping on any physical activities and spending the time resting in bed. If you scheduled your surgery at the start or middle part of the week, be sure to take at least two to three days off work or school to rest.

ü DO: Lie on your back when resting or sleeping.

Be mindful on how you position yourself when you rest or sleep during recovery as this is also the period when your implants settle into place. It is recommended that you lie on your back with pillows propped against it for elevation or use a recliner.

ü DO: Drink your pain medications.

Your body will be subjected to incisions during the procedure and expect that your skin will take some time to get used to the new implants underneath it. This means that you will definitely feel some discomfort and pain following your surgery. Not to worry as your surgeon will give medical prescription for pain management. Remember to take your medicines as prescribed.

ü DO: Eat healthy and nutritious meals.

Consuming junk and processed food that have zero nutrients and are packed with solid fats and sugars during your healing phase will only slow down your body’s healing process. A day prior to your surgery, head on to your local grocery store and fill your cart with fresh produce to last you in the next two to three days. Stick to vegetables, fruits, lean protein, and whole grains.

ü DO: Check-in with your surgeon.

The process of healing may differ from person to person. If you have noticed anything odd that is happening to your body or around the surgical area during this time, do reach out to your surgeon immediately to avoid any complications.

Remember: DON’T do these things post breast surgery

Complications may arise and affect the final result of your breast implant surgery if you do not heed your doctor’s recovery recommendations. Keep in mind not to do the following things listed below so as not to waste your time, effort, and money on the procedure.

× DO NOT: Perform any strenuous physical exercise or activities.

Any extra pressure or weight placed on your body can create complications and jeopardize the end result of your breast augmentation procedure. This advice includes lifting heavy things at home, skipping your exercise and, if you have little children, avoiding carrying them. These will only bring pain to your body, so you should limit your upper body movements as much as possible. Your doctor can advise you when it is best to return to your normal physical activities and exercise.

× DO NOT: Do any activity that will require you to submerge your body in water.

Avoid swimming or dipping into bathtubs, pools, or any type of body of water while your breasts are not fully healed. Doing so will place the area where your surgery was done at risk of acquiring an infection when too much water gets into the wound. Ask your doctor about how to get yourself cleaned after your surgery.

× DO NOT: Use underwire bras.

Underwire bras can brush against your skin and cause irritation on the part of your breasts where the incisions were made. Likewise, underwire bras can change the end placement of your implants. Instead, use the support bra given by your surgeon to use during your recovery period. This should be worn at all times or as instructed by your doctor.  

× DO NOT: Smoke or use any products with tobacco.

Tobacco products constrict the flow of blood and will prolong or hinder your incision site’s healing. Patients who smoke are usually advised to stop smoking at least two months prior to their scheduled breast augmentation procedure and to continue to skip the use of tobacco a month after the surgery.

× DO NOT: Drink alcoholic beverages after your surgery.

Drinking alcoholic beverages while taking prescription medications can make the medicines ineffective and have a negative effect on the body’s natural way of healing. Limit your alcohol intake a few weeks before your surgery and skip the booze at least two days after the procedure is done.

Final note

You can expect full recovery around six to eight weeks post breast surgery. However, this depends on how a person takes care of their body post-op and how the body responds to the medications given for aftercare. Expect to experience bruising, discomfort, and swelling that can last up to a week after the procedure. If there are no complications at least five days after the surgery, your doctor may give you the go signal to do some light exercises, but definitely no heavy lifting up until you are completely healed. Bear in mind to be patient with yourself during your period of recovery, so you may be able to get the optimum results of your breast augmentation procedure.

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