Discover What Make Radiesse Unique Dermal Filler

These days, dermal fillers are among the go-to solutions for women who want to stay looking young and beautiful. These enhancement tools can instantly restore youthfulness to the skin and eliminate signs of aging without any surgery. Because of the increasing demand for dermal fillers, manufacturers are introducing innovative formulas to improve the skin and fight aging. One of the fillers that are gaining more and more attention is Radiesse, which offers benefits to both the face and hands.

About This Unique Dermal Filler

This dermal filler is made to trigger the body to grow more collagen in areas where it has been displaced. Without adequate collagen, the skin develops wrinkles and other signs of aging. But, when the body produces more collagen, the skin can heal itself to become vibrant and healthy once again. The dermal filler is found effective in treating forehead lines, sunken cheeks, and other flaws. Those who have tried this filler report long-term improvements.


People who use Radiesse because of the effects it can have on a per-treatment basis. The injectable filler may require just 1-2 treatments every two years per treatment site. Other dermal fillers may require up to 6 injection sessions per year.

The dermal filler also does not directly use collagen, avoiding possible allergic reactions common with collagen-based fillers. Also, it reduces the likelihood of inflammation because it has inert ingredients. This filler lasts longer than others. This has to do with how the microspheres resist removal by the body while they promote collagen growth.

Moreover, this dermal filler can be used for restoring the look of the hands which tend to endure more sun exposure and overuse than they get credit for. A lot of women have hands that look aged and unattractive. Radiesse contains CaHA microspheres that fil the hands with lost volume to minimize and reverse the bulges and body appearance associated with age. This procedure is known as “hand lift,” which lasts for a minimum of one year.

Is this Filler For You?

People should understand the benefits of this dermal filler to help determine if this is the right treatment for them. They must schedule an appointment with a dermatologist to evaluate their unique dermatological needs. Experienced providers of this dermal filler use their experience to determine how it may benefit a patient, which will help the latter get a treatment plan that restores their skin’s youthful beauty.