Different Tools You Can Use To Help You Quit Smoking

If you have tried to quit smoking cold turkey previously and struggled, but you are desperate to give up, there are plenty of tools you can consider using to make the task more manageable. Using nicotine replacement therapy and other cessation aids can give you the best chance of success when you want to quit smoking. If you are not sure what aids are available to help you quit smoking, below are a few ones you can consider using to get you started and, on the way, to living your life smoke-free.

Nicotine Gum

Nicotine gum has been around since the 1980s, and many people have used it to help them quit smoking. When you feel an urge to smoke increasing in strength, start chewing a piece of gum, and the feeling will soon disappear. There are only a few flavours available, but you can get the gum in varying nicotine strengths, and you can buy it from supermarkets, pharmacies, and reputable online retailers. You often find that people using other cessation aids will also use nicotine gum to help take the edge of their cravings when struggling to cope with them.

Electronic Cigarettes

Millions of people worldwide have used vaping (electronic cigarettes) to help them successfully quit smoking. There are many different types of vaping devices available, and you will need to select whether you use an MTL (mouth-to-lung) or DTL (direct-to-lung) one. When it comes to the e-juice you use in your device, plenty of options are available, with lots of different flavours you can try. There are fruit flavours, candy flavours, dessert flavours, and mode besides, and you can also get some stranger flavours, such as garlic or tuna. The sheer volume of flavours available attracts many people to vaping, and it can help you stop smoking cigarettes once and for all.

Nicotine Patches

You can also consider using nicotine patches, which have been available for many years and can help you control your nicotine cravings when you quit smoking. They are available in various nicotine strengths ad are readily available from supermarkets, pharmacies, and online retailers. They are also simple to use, and you can apply the patch to any part of your skin so it can absorb the nicotine over 24 hours. The patch helps keep a constant level of nicotine in your body, so you do not suffer cravings to smoke, and they are discreet, so nobody can see you are wearing one, depending on where you place it.

Dissolvable Nicotine Strips

You can also consider using dissolvable nicotine strips to help you quit smoking, which are just over ten years old. They are simple to use and available in different flavours and varying nicotine strengths. When you feel like you want a cigarette, take a strip out and place it on your tongue, pushing it to the roof of your mouth and holding it there. It will quickly dissolve, and the capillaries in your mouth will absorb the nicotine and help take the urges to smoke away. They are an excellent way to help control your addiction to nicotine and give you an excellent chance of quitting cigarettes for good.