Considering a Silicone Breast Implant Procedure? Here Is What You Should Know

When you are considering having your breasts enlarged, you usually will have silicone bags used to enhance their size. Silicone implants are filled with various formulations to fill out the silicone shell. Because silicone is a polymer, it is both viscous and thicker, which is something that many women prefer. By choosing silicone, a woman may feel more confident.

A More Natural Feeling and Look

That is because a silicone implant feels more similar to a natural breast when it is compared to a saline implant, or artificial breast filled with a salt water solution. If silicone leaks, it is not as obvious as it does not flow profusely. If you suspect a leak in a silicone implant, you would need to have the doctor perform a specialised screening. Therefore, it is a good idea to have regular examinations after silicone breast implants are added.

Making the Adjustment

What is nice about natural breast augmentation (known as เสริม หน้าอก แบบ ธรรมชาติ in Thai) today is that the implant shapes can be adapted to a woman’s preferences and form. At one time, all breast implants were round. However, since that time, manufacturers of implants have developed anatomical implants that replicate a teardrop shape and therefore taper at the top. When implants are formed in this manner, the emphasis on fullness is placed toward the bottom.

Round and Anatomical Shapes

If you choose a round implant, the breast takes on a fuller look at the top. The silicone shell that is used can either be smooth or textured. When an implant is smooth, it will move slightly in its pocket, which lends a more natural feel to the breast. When an implant is more textured, it firmly attaches itself to the site, which makes it more difficult for this type of implant to shift or rotate.

Review the Credentials of the Surgeon

If you wish to have this type of surgery done, you need to make sure that the surgeon has special skills in breast augmentation. You will need to set up an appointment for a consultation before you go ahead and choose a surgery date.

Decide to Change the Way That You Look and Feel

If you feel self-conscious in your swimsuit or dislike having to dress up for formal parties or wearing form-fitting clothes, you can do something about it. By having implant surgery, you can fill out your physique and look more attractive overall.

Schedule a Consultation Now

You just need to talk to an implant doctor about what will happen before, during, and after the breast augmentation procedures. Don’t put off this type of surgery if you feel that it could benefit you. Contact a surgeon who specialises in this type of procedure and make a modification that will change your life personally and socially.