5 Easy Winter Hair Care Tips

As winter is approaching, the weather is getting colder, and the hair care routine has to change accordingly. During a winter time the most important thing for locks is nourishment and extra protection from harsh environmental factors. So here are 5 easy tips for you, how to take care of your hair during a cold season. 

  • Update your hair care products

Make sure to stock on deeply nourishing and protective hair care products, from shampoo to masks, to serums. Choose organic care for your hair that fits current hair needs and type. Hair care products during the winter season should be rich in active ingredients that protect hair from stress and harmful environmental factors. 

  • Wear a hat

To protect hair from wind, snow, dry air make sure to cover your locks. Mentioned elements affect the moisture level of hair and leaves them dry, dull and damaged. It is important to choose a headpiece that is lined with soft fabric as silk or satin to prevent friction. 

  • Get regular trims 

Refresh your look by getting rid of dead or split ends. It is beneficial to get trims every six weeks or more frequently if needed. Taking such care will keep hair looking healthy, shiny and well maintained. 

  • Incorporate oil treatment

To provide hair with additional moisture apply rich oils or oil-based treatment to your hair once a week or more frequently if needed. We recommend trying Total Protect Hair and Scalp Fluid from T-LAB Professional. Take a few drops and apply them to hair ends to enhance moisture and protection of locks during winter months. 

  • Treat your hair with a mask 

Especially if you have dry or damaged hair, weekly mask treatment can transform your locks to healthy and shiny looking. Hair masks are concentrated with active ingredients that highly nourish hair. Apply a hair mask on damp hair and leave it up to 15 minutes, later rinse it out with a generous amount of water. 

These are only 5 easy steps for taking care of your hair during a beautiful winter season. Feel free to incorporate mentioned steps and add any additional tricks that you find helpful and do not forget to share your results with us @tlabprof_official. Take care, stay healthy and enjoy winter wonderland with shiny, healthy hair!